An extension of your design team.

Lightboard is an agency built around software to efficiently deliver small projects for marketing campaigns.

We focus on presentations, PDF/print, and illustration, working primarily with sales and marketing teams.

A new kind of agency.

Our two founders, Brad and Dave, both started their careers at full-service agencies before switching to startups. They saw a opportunity: traditional agencies work well with large-scale projects, but break down on smaller projects where the timeline is measured in days instead of weeks or months.

Modern marketing campaigns are built on small projects. The main problem with small projects is logistics—getting the information together for the project, coordinating the design team and client stakeholders, and efficiently producing the final result. It's not hard to find a designer or an agency—the hard part is finding the right designer at the right time.

We built Lightboard from the ground up to handle small projects—efficiently connecting clients with the right designer, and managing the process with software and dedicated account managers.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality craftsmanship reliably and efficiently. We've done it thousands of times for hundreds of customers, and we'd love to find out how we could help you.


Lightboard was founded in late 2015 in Seattle, WA. Since then, we've completed thousands of projects for clients across the United States.

We work as an extension of an in-house design team, collaborating primarily with marketing managers to produce sales and marketing collateral—presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote, InDesign), case studies, sales sheets, and eBooks. We also design and develop landing pages and email templates (WordPress, HubSpot, Marketo, Mailchimp, etc).

You can see our project types here or browse our portfolio.


Brad Bouse

Brad Bouse

CEO / Co-founder

Brad has designed for clients across all industries—from Disney to Henry Rollins to Pfizer. He's also built software used by millions of people. He designed and built the family tree interface at Geni, and at Yammer, he helped millions of people collaborate with their co-workers. Before Lightboard, he co-founded Code Fellows, which trains software engineers in Seattle.

Here he is telling 400 JavaScript engineers about the usefulness of uselessness.

Dave Foley

Dave Foley

CTO / Co-founder

Dave has built web and mobile products for Beats Music, Getty Images, IDEO, Amazon, and many, many others.

Before co-founding Lightboard, he was CTO at Substantial, the premiere software product development studio in Seattle, where he led a team of thirty fantastic engineers.

When he can find the time, he records and performs with various musical groups and injures himself playing team sports.

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